Highlands Reserve or Florida Pines

Highlands Reserve villa side by side with Florida Pines villa

1. Highlands Reserve and Florida Pines are both situated in on US 27 in Davenport, to the west of the major theme parks. Highlands Reserve is a little closer to Walt Disney World about a 20 minute drive.

2. Highlands Reserve is set on a championship golf course, designed by Mike Dasher. It is an exclusive community with 900 3-5 bedroom luxury villas. Florida Pines is a new development with 3-4 bedroom villas in quiet cul-de-sacs. Both are in conservation areas.

3. Though each has nearby restaurants and shops, Highlands Reserve also has an on site clubhouse, tennis court, communal pool and kids' play area. It's public areas are leafy and appealing, surrounded by orange groves, oak and cyprus trees.

4. Florida Pines has a mixture of residential and rental properties. It is a similar rental price to Highlands Reserve though slightly cheaper. Many Highlands Reserve villas are large and imposing with large gardens and lovely views.