Side by Side Villas in Highlands Reserve

For very large or multi-family parties side by side villas are a request we often get. Being very close to each other but not together in the same property can be desirable when on vacation with your wider family. Highlands Reserve is home to around 900 detached villa homes. All the properties listed for rental on our website are privately owned. While most owners own one property they also know the resort better than anyone and stay in contact with each other, especially owners of properties next door or nearby.

row of villas side by side in Highlands Reserve

The best way to start your search for two or more villas in close proximity is to submit multiple general enquiries through our Contact Multiple Owners form. This will direct your enquiry to several owners at once. Add your specific requirements (more detail better than less) to the comments section of the form. And also ask for details of the property address with the returned quote. Owners will then get back (probably after speaking to other owners) to offer potential options. One piece of advice is to consider villas nearby rather than next door. A villa across the road or a few doors down is not much different than being next door.

We hope this helps. Owners can be a helpful bunch and are well placed to offer advice on your stay. If you need some independent help or guidance on how to use the website donít hesitate to get in touch. However the only way to contact owners directly if to submit enquiries.