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Long Term or Monthly Rentals

If you are seeking a break in the Florida sun longer than the standard 2-3 week vacation some of our owners offer their properties up for longer term rental. Long term rental is popular with “snowbird” visitors, travelling south from Northern parts of the US and Canada during winter months. Its also popular for those looking for an extended vacation perhaps between jobs or retirees. When beginning your search for a long term rental bear in mind Highlands Reserve is one of Orlando’s most popular short term rental resorts. It’s a great location to stay a little longer in but any long term booking prevents the owner for obtaining short term rentals so its best to review the owner’s property availability calendar first. If a vacant 6 week period is fast approaching the chances of short term rentals filling up all those empty slots gets slimmer and a owner may be more likely to consider taking the booking. All properties listed below offer longer term rentals.